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About Us

Committed to Quality

MissionPlus Consulting is proud to offer high quality, meaningful services while providing an exceptionally tailored experience to you and your team. Since 2017, we have been focused on addressing organizational needs to remove barriers and to design meaningful services for organizations, while growing communities. Our method is simple- PLAN, DEVELOP, EVALUATE, IMPLEMENT, MAINTAIN. This method not only addresses the organizational development needs, but also focuses on continuous improvement and change management throughout the entire process.

 Over the years MissionPlus has had the opportunity to serve organizations focused on:

  • Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

  • Veteran Services

  • Homelessness & Rental Assistance

  • Family Self-Sufficiency

  • Senior Services

  • Youth

  • Child Welfare

  • Restorative Justice

  • Workforce Development

  • Food Security

  • Capacity Building

  • Community Development

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Meet The Team

About: Team

Ashlee Salinetro

Founder & Principal Consultant

Interested in Becoming Part of the Team?

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Associate Consultant Network!

Modern Work Space

MissionPlus Associate Consultant Network

At MissionPlus, we strive to provide the best service possible to our clients. To do that, we utilize a network of independent contractors who match the needs of our clients and their unique projects. We are seeking individuals with experience in the social impact sector who are interested in independent contract work in the following areas:

Organizational Development

Strategic Planning

Program Development



Training Development

Change Management

General Consulting

Data Analytics

Project Management

Fiscal Management

Fundraising Planning

People Operations

Corporate Social Responsibility

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